CRMS (Comprehensive Residential Management System)

Trinity BMD Korea, Ltd. has newly introduced the Comprehensive Residential Management System in which we provide the housing and manage the maintenance of foreigners' residence.
There are many western-style properties available for rent in Seoul, Korea. But, the typical rental ways are not familiar to new-comers as follows.
Now CRMS has deterred away from lump-sum payment system of the rents.
First of all, this is absolutely monthly payment, so you don't have to be concerned about the Key Money and a Prepayment refund for the rest period of the lease in case of termination.
Another characteristic is Trinity BMD Korea, Ltd. provides the housing we have invested in;
Therefore, in all cases from the housing service to living condition maintenance, you can just contact Trinity BMD Korea, Ltd. directly.
We are ready to assist in every manner possible and we will serve you as if you are a part of our own family.
Even to the smallest detail, we will strive to make your stay in Korea as pleasurable and productive as possible.
  Furniture and Home Appliances for Residence
Trinity always tries to give full satisfaction of high quality furniture and home appliances.
We equip our residence with specially designed furniture and high quality housewares and home electronics.
We are able to provide these items to our customers efficiently based on our well organized partnership and system.